The real election question

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Yes, I’m an American. No, I didn’t vote in 2016. Or 2012. Or 2008. I honestly don’t remember about 2004, the year both major candidates were related, and belonged the small and secretive Skull and Bones cult at Yale. That might be when I decided to call it quits. Also, there was the “convenient” discrediting of paper ballets in the 2000 election, which allowed easily-rigged electronic voting machines to take over.

After 9-11 (which my wife called as an inside job before the second WTC building [of several, not just two] disappeared, causing our  part-time-police cleaning lady to walk out of our house, never to return), I began looking to alternative sources of information. Some sites were misleading, some bogus, some with unstated agendas, but a picture began to emerge: the official story was obviously a lie,1 and the mainstream media, 90% of which is owned by six corporations,2  was spouting that lie. Over and over.

So as the world reeled in shock yesterday at the US election results, I was shocked, too, to realize how many people still consider mainstream media a reliable source of information.

They reeled in shock because ‘everyone knew’ that the candidate whose supporters filled stadiums, sometimes several in one day, didn’t have a chance against the candidate that couldn’t fill a high school gym. And how, pray tell, did ‘everyone know’ that? Glad you asked:

Huffington Post propaganda

New York Times hoax election poll

Washington Post propaganda

(24 October 2016)

So the real election question: will you continue to regard these people as ‘experts who somehow got it wrong’ and accept their crocodile tear ‘apologies’ as genuine, or will you begin to see them for what they are, people paid to lie to you?

This is not a political question. It is more important than that.

1 the truth remains elusive, but an evidence (not hypothesis) based investigation yields fascinating results
2 based on comments from people from and in various countries, this lack of media diversity is not just in the US


Trump districts
Oh sorry, we’ll do better next time, honest – NYT

election fraud cartoon

4 thoughts on “The real election question

  1. My full awakening came a little later than yours, about six or seven years ago. And it wasn’t overnight, it was a slow emergence from the fog for me.
    Spreading the message is difficult, people prefer comforting lies to stark truth.
    I’m just relieved to finally see the incredibly corrupt Clinton political machine and criminal enterprise finally crash and burn. Alas, in the end it may only be the equivalent of stepping on one cockroach. That’s my fear.

    1. I think the Clinton crime syndicate is maybe the motherlode of corruption, so it will especially gratifying to see them go down.

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