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Blueberries in Uruguay

In addition to fresh (harvested before your eyes) affordable organic produce, Saturdays in November include a chance to pick blueberries.

My haul of blueberries in Uruguay

In a half hour or so, I had three kilos (6.6 pounds). Cost? Just under US$2 per pound.

Neighbor cutting our field, Uruguay

Checking in our nearby chacra, I met a neighbor I don’t know cutting our field using the tractor of our immediate neighbor, who I gave access for his cows. I was expecting to borrow his tractor and do it myself, but seeing the grass, I realize it’s much to his cows’ benefit. What he’s cutting is some kind of nasty brushy weed that the cows ignore. The grass they will like.

Reminded me of the time I couldn’t fix the fence.

2 thoughts on “Blueberries! and more

  1. Nice neighbor farmer with his cows topping the priority list. Good to give cows access…always.
    Now, let me chide you for showing us, who are about to enter (finally) standard time and a fierce winter, yummy blueberries. I could smell them! We pick wild ones from lake, pond, stream and river banks as we kayak. Such a treat! Have a great summer!

    1. Hi Cuzzie,

      Several interesting points here. Cultivating good neighbors (and they are), good. Do cow plops’ value as fertilizer outweigh the serious soil compaction? Meh. Good relationship with neighbors does in any event for now.

      Ahh, wild berries! The amazing blackberries we picked in Oregon! Blueberries (arandanos, same word for cranberries, which don’t grow here, confusing as hell come Thanksgiving!) would have been awesome as well.

      So nice to know where at least some of your food comes from.

      But how awesome to get food from bushes … how many people now don’t have a clue?

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