Like surfing in chocolate

Here’s Benji, running out of the surf with our favorite stick. But wait, what’s that out in the water?

dog, surfer background, Atlántida, Uruguay

A surfer, one of six or so.

dog, surfers, Atlántida, Uruguay

What they saw in these surf conditions is quite beyond me. The longest ride I saw lasted perhaps fifteen seconds. This is not a hot surf spot (ever). However, these guys (I assume) have probably known each other since elementary school like Jesse’s friends. It was no doubt great fun for them, with lots to bullshit about later over mate or a beer.

surfer , Atlántida, Uruguay

And meanwhile, I’m throwing a stick into the surf, over and over. Which is fun. Kind of. Maybe I should try surfing. I probably wouldn’t crack a couple ribs, as I did with a skateboard in my 40s, nor separate my shoulder as I did with snowboarding in my 40s (both after we became parents of a 12 year old orphaned boy in North Carolina). But it would not work without friends.

The sun, which emerged suddenly in late afternoon, allowed another shot of the erosion of the dunes from the recent storm.

eroded dunes after storm, Atlántida, Uruguay

I regret the quality of these pics — when I did the “spooky sunset,” I shot 2 stops down, and forgot to reset the exposure. These are re-exposed through my non-Photoshop “Photoshop.”

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  1. WOW! I loved A LL the pictures. They make me wish I were there NOW! Aren’t the sunsets incredible down there? And the never ending beaches? I was down in Argentina some time ago, about 500 clicks south of Buenos Aires. It was a different feeling, There were miles of empty beaches, not one soul. At least not early in the morning, which was my beach walking time, to see the sun come up over the ocean. That area does have it’s beauty, but the Uruguayan coast… I don’t know… its almost magic, both at sun up and sun down. Maybe due to the clouds?

    1. I have so many photos of gorgeous sunsets here that I recently got rid of a bunch (I’m not the kind of person who keeps every photo he’s ever taken).

      I’ve only posted one of a sunrise, but it was pretty amazing:

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