Dog-proofing the garden area

I’ve put this off far too long. With destructo-dog I absolutely have to have a fenced garden area. I’m not the most enthusiastic gardener, but I do have a bunch of seeds started, some of which (squash) will require substantial space.


Using what I had at the chacra, I cut posts to have 80 cm exposed. I had a roll of 120 cm fence wire already, so I figured I take off the top 40 cm and double it when I ran out of the roll.


It was pretty close — 2 meters shy! Had I not made a circular compost bin in the country earlier with the fencing, it would have worked out almost exactly right.

Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.

Benji, meanwhile, decided this was a nice place to hang out. No more. I trimmed the top 40 cm, leaving spikes, and built a gate. It’s not a pretty fence, and it’s not particularly well made, but it doesn’t have to be. It just has to keep out the dog and cat.

No excuse now.

2 thoughts on “Dog-proofing the garden area

    1. I have deliberately made the fence posts shorter than the fencing, cutting the fencing to leave “spikes” above. The cat typically jumps; doesn’t climb, so no obvious landing points without potentially getting speared. At present, the gate top is not “spiked,” so obviously a vulnerable cat entry point (but if he wanted to climb an avocado tree and jump in, yeah, he could). Ya veremos. The cat can litter, which ain’t cool; the Benji can trash the whole place without even thinking about it (not that he thinks, but he would no doubt consider it great fun).

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