A lively walk

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As we approached the little zoo in Atlántida, a large songbird dive-bombed Benji in the road. Twice (he might well have caught it a third time). This has never happened before. Too quick to get a picture.

A block later, Benji suddenly ran behind a car parked at the zoo, and a goose loudly launched itself into relative safety inside the short chainlink fence. This has never happened before. Too quick to get a picture. (Why are the geese outside their pen?)

On the way back, Benji encountered a dog, but didn’t notice a second one, inside a trash container. This has never happened before. Too quick to get a picture.

Dog just jumped from trash container
But honest, it really happened


So what did I get a picture of? Sticks.dog throwing sticks on beach

Yes, those sticks from two weeks ago. The crooked one, our favorite, has gone up and down the beach a few times since then.

2 thoughts on “A lively walk

  1. Meanwhile, on another walk today, we encountered rabbits. Lorena found one and gave chase with instant assistance from Kiya. Two other rabbits fled from their path, which they failed to see, but others did, and then a fourth rabbit appeared, and more dogs and chaos for about five minutes as I climbed the big sand hill and watched. Miraculously no rabbits were caught. Hard to believe!

    1. Not that I necessarily want rabbits — because I dislike the idea of Benji actually catching one, entirely feasible. But how interesting that rabbits magically appear when we’re not there!

      Perhaps you walk without us in a parallel thread of universe where rabbits abound?

      Meanwhile Benji sprinted many dozens or times into roiling surf after a stick (OK, maybe ‘roiling’ a little strong. Whatever: his surrogate rabbits.

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