Ain’t it good to know…

Wretched weather today. I missed a window or two of almost-not-rainy weather to walk the dog, and also our masseur was here in the afternoon, despite wind and rain, on his moto with massage table attached. Because of the “strong” (but falling) Untied Snakes dollar, our hour-long+ $37 massage now is  USD 32-33.

With evening approaching, and insufficient wine on hand, it was necessary to visit Tienda Inglesa. When we got back, I asked if Benji had howled as he has tended to do in his FOMO moments when I leave without him. No, Susan said, it was quite cute. He just nuzzled your slipper (house shoes I wear all day).

Walking into my office, I saw the shoe in the middle of the floor; returned to our shoe rack to get the other so I could put them on. Oh, it wasn’t there.

where the g=dog thinks my shoe should be

… you’ve got a friend?

2 Replies to “Ain’t it good to know…”

  1. ahhh. dogs are such a higher form of life.
    but it occurs to me that i’ve never seen that shade of leather (leather-ette?) couch/sofa before. do you know what species gave its life so your bum, and of course, and more importantly, Benji, could be comfy? 😉

    1. Funny, I’ve been thinking about that. Matches the color of a leather jacket I bought in Italy (I think, but maybe Spain) because it was the only thing that fit me (6′ 3″).

      My recent thoughts have to do with “vomit-colored,” which “triggers” various German thoughts I’m not eager to regurgitate. Oh, sorry….

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