A good stick is hard to find

When we began to walk with Syd’s dogs, Syd pointed to an area that would flood, come winter. That seemed unlikely at the time, but sure enough —.

For the last few months (it’s spring now) the dogs have joyfully frolicked in the water there, Benji settling in like the water dog. Yesterday he not only did that, he also rolled in it. Unfortunate, because the “pond” is drying up, and becoming mud. And, given cows that sometimes graze in the area, rather smelly mud at that. Cleaning a dog that smells of cow dung is not my favorite thing, so …

… today I took him to the beach instead. Our usual walk is about three kilometers (a bit under two miles). Depending on the hour, sunlight level, and wind, we walk one direction or the other, but one thing is certain: during the half kilometer on the beach, I will be throwing a stick for Benji, into the waves, the entire time.

But only if he drops the stick directly in front of me, or very close. Which he does. Sometimes he actually throws it in my path.

And good sticks are not always available. Much of the crap that washes up ends up breaking. So, when I get a good stick, I like to leave it in the dunes at the end of the walk. I took a picture a few days ago at the east end; thinking it remarkable that one in the foreground had been with us for at least four walks (good stick!).

sticks for the dog, Atlántida, Uruguay

Today we started again at the west end (afternoon; bright sun behind), and I was amused to find a collection of three sticks, obviously mine, at the west end, the buried boardwalk.

sticks for the dog, Atlántida, Uruguay

Here one has joined the collection at the east end.

For some reason, brings to mind T. S. Eliot, “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

No, sticks. Silly dogs and sticks.

8 Replies to “A good stick is hard to find”

  1. see? that was sublime.
    no warning required. thanks for the authentic reminder. if there was a scratch and sniff app to your blog my dog would be insane. she can’t wait to be home.
    i, too, can’t wait to come home. save some Spring for us (another month in Trumplandia).

  2. One day, the pack will join you on the beach. Although none of them chase sticks, they should divert the attention of the one who taxes your arm muscle and throwing shoulder.
    (Today, they all ran past the shitty mostly dry hole to the remainder of the pond.)

  3. My dog won’t chase sticks. She’ll chase anything remotely ball-shaped though. Rocks, apples, apple cores, Asian pears, etc. Just gives me a blank look if I throw a stick.

    1. First dog I’ve had who likes to chase things and bring them back — fun! Most days we end up doing something similar in my office at some point, with a bone or doggie toy that he hasn’t (yet) destroyed.

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