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OK, not really inexplicable. There is some way that vehicle launched itself into the concrete separators.

"Parking," Uruguay style

But — how and why exactly?

"Parking," Uruguay style

Notice the totally trashed wheel. The rim was broken into pieces.

"Parking," Uruguay style

Perhaps a reminder not to do this while driving?

8 thoughts on “Inexplicable

  1. I am guessing he didn´t notice those concrete slabs as he tried to pass someone in a lane that didn´t exist. I am sticking with that theory until someone can offer something better.

    1. Makes sense. He would have been trying to get around someone following our path. The left front wheel appears to be the one that took the brunt of the impact.

      1. Given the additional (but not visible) information about the left front wheel taking the biggest hit, it seems the driver attempted to pass someone just as the curve ended. He either swung too wide or the car he was attempting to pass didn´t notice his foolishness and also swung wide (common coming out of the curve) forcing the Suzuki up on to the concrete slabs. Is that the driver, cellphone in hand?

        1. I assume so. Because the first thing you do after a crash caused by using your cell phone is use your cell phone.

  2. Hey guys,
    talked to my friend and neighbor last night,
    who is the Sargent and boss over the highway
    police in our area,
    he said the driver was just texting his phone
    through the curve and was drifted out to far
    because of speed, then ended up in the slabs.
    They changed the front wheel and the Suzuki
    drove off on it’s own.
    No one knows about the damage underneath !
    They did not fine him, because he had damage
    and warning enough !
    But he will receive a bill from intendencia for the
    repair of the concrete slabs. That’s all we know.

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