Close call

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A close call with a (not atypical) oblivious Uruguayan driver from Doug on Vimeo.

The best rule for driving in Uruguay is to try to watch every person and vehicle — pedestrians, bicyclists, motos, and other cars and trucks, constantly imagine the stupidest thing they could do — step into traffic, swerve in front of you without notice, run stop and yield signs — and plan for it.

In this case, I might have been distracted by the conversation and so didn’t see the approaching out the side window. Fortunately, the passenger’s field of view allowed her to see it before it cleared the A-column for my view, and warn me. Locals will recognize the voice 😉

When we bought this vehicle in 2010, the blind spot was one of the more pronounced criticisms I could find online.


The triangle caused by the A-pillar split should be helpful, but since my eye level is near the top, it provides no help. Still, I have most often had problems with the passenger side, so perhaps I had a lapse of attention.

Which — when driving in Uruguay — can prove expensive, dangerous, or worse, as perhaps you can imagine.

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