The fish place

Fish for sale in Uruguay

There is:
Corvina (drum)
Lenguado (flounder)
Merluza (hake)
Cazon (school shark)
Angelito (angel shark)
Tambera (type of corvina, I think)
Camaron (shrimp — way too much work and tiny OBTW)
Mariscos (shellfish, seafood: not sure what they mean by this)
Lisa (mullet)

We buy only the first two. The others tend to range from weird to nasty.

A summer day in winter

It appears we’re in the veranilla — couple days of “little summer” before it gets cold again. Walked the dog in a t-shirt. Had I gone to the beach, I might have worn shorts and walked barefoot. Recall that this is the equivalent of the end of February in the northern hemisphere. Should be this way tomorrow as well.

Then the forecast for the weekend is the Tormenta de Santa Rosa, which means wind — lots of wind. And rain. And Dutch pirates not attacking Lima. But that’s another story.

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  1. I remember a place in San Felipe (MX) that I went to about 10 years ago. Tacos Brenda it was called, and they made the most amazing fish tacos ever. Corvina was the fish they used, and it was damn tasty.
    Sounds like you have a decent enough fish market.

    1. Sounds great! Despite living almost three years in Mexico, I’ve never been to Baja California.

      No, the fish here is disappointing. Hence my delight to dine in Lima, Peru, for the first time!

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