Seen at the zoo

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I saw this crazy-looking vehicle parked at our little local zoo today. There is one very subtle clue of the brand in this view.

1959 BMW 600

Can you guess? And hey, where’s the driver-side door?


It’s a 1959 BMW? The whole front opens?

1959 BMW 600

And then there’s a little door for the passengers in back? I didn’t notice the door arrangements until just now, looking at the photos. I would have sought out the owner and asked for a demonstration….

5 thoughts on “Seen at the zoo

  1. Nice,

    yeah, you should have asked the owner !
    And also asked for the price !!?????????

    This very rare BMW 600, is in very good condition a sought after
    collectors item – worth around US$ 20.000,– !!!!

  2. You are right, thanks !!

    In Germany, the nickname for this BMW Isetta (2-seater) was
    “Knutschkugel”, means “smootchball”.

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