Elongated skulls

Museum with elongated skulls. Want a better look? Sure! Your tour guide puts on rubber gloves, opens the case, and takes them out to the front porch where the light is better. The closest is a normal human skull ( maybe 500 years old) for comparison:
An MD on the tour discusses anomalies in the sutures of the elongated skulls:
Tour guide Brien Foerster shows a skull he found and donated to the little museum in Paracas, Peru:

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  1. This must have been a very interesting experience. We have seen the pictures, but this must be intense. Especially having them taken out into sunlight!

    1. This whole trip was about was about asking “is this stuff for real?” and experiencing it physically in person, seeing how it resonates. Brien and his contacts added a dimension to the experience that’s difficult to describe.

      So much of “our” history that remains unexplained or superficially dismissed (“National Geographicked” to the cognoscenti).

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