Our first meal in Peru


No, I do not intend to go all Instagramy, but for the benefit of my seafood-deprived friends in Uruguay. On the left, shrimp, octopus, potato thingies, squid, tuna, razor clams, and scallops. Chimichurri and a delightful picante sauce. On the right, Cesar salad with corn-battered prawns. All exquisitely prepared. A bit under USD 30.

2 Replies to “Our first meal in Peru”

  1. Wonderful! Did not see anything remotely similar in our many visits to the airport in Lima.

  2. Great ! I am jealous !
    In Panama we had Peruvian food every few weeks.
    Especially the fresh seafood.
    Yeah – UY is not bad, but misses out a lot of life quality!

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