First frost and new growth


I took this on Thursday morning. It went away quickly. Not as heavy frost as four years ago. I was thinking it too early in the year to have frost, so interesting to revisit that.


This afternoon, walking a slightly different route than normal, I spotted a pine tree starting over — lots of trees were lost to fire several years ago. You have to wonder how much of the existing root system feeds this. Or did it sprout from seed in the rotting trunk? I’ll have to look more closely.

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  1. Once a pine is cut, never grows again. So this is a new plant. But eucaliptus do grow after the cut, is a really hard to kill tree.

    1. Thanks for the explanation. In the campo, we’re surrounded with regrowing eucalyptus. In our back yard we have an anacahuita that started regrowing over a year after I cut it down. Those threes will also regrow branches, but a quick look online reveals that pines won’t.

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