The 30-mile salad

My wife recently asked, where’s your camera? which means come take a picture of this. (In case the concept of camera confuses you, yes, I do have a phone, but a a clamshell unit that can only sync the results of its .3 MB camera through Windows OS, which we do not use.)


And though I probably would have opted for white or yellow onions in a baked dish, I must say the red onions make it more photo-worthy. The light yellow is winter squash from our garden. Onions, carrots, green peppers, and tomatoes, were I to source them, most likely came from within 30 miles of here.

If you are familiar with the 3,000-mile-salad of northern North America, and the fragile nature of the truck-based food transportation system in the USA (Syd can fill us in, perhaps, about Canada), the thought that fresh produce grows nearby feels kind of warm and fuzzy. No, it’s not all organic, but organic is available: we paid 90 pesos/kilo* last Saturday for organic green peppers at the local féria organica at Pilar’s chacra. We then stopped at Tienda Inglesa, where they sold for 158 pesos/kilo* — and not organic.

Not perfect, but not bad. And we get lettuce and cucumbers as well year-round, also local.

*USD 1.36/lb vs USD 2.39/lb



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  1. That is possibly the most beautiful dish of veggies I have ever seen. At first I thought it was a bowl of hard candies. Well done and YUM!

    1. When I saw the thumbnail version, I too first thought it was a bunch of candies, and wondered “where on earth did I take that?”

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