Today’s walk: three observations

Actually yesterday.

  1. An interesting roof enhancement. Probably to be finished with stamped metal sheets. The spacing of the whatever-you-call-them horizontal slats appears to large for plastic imitation-clay tiles.

Wood framing for a second roof over quincho, Atlántida, Uruguay

2. Well, this is moving at a decent clip.


Compare with the photo I posted on March 7:


Granted, a “dry” construction house could have been completed in this span of time, but this seems fast compared to another construction on the same street, which I’ve documented.

3. Duneshrooms, next to the dead snakes.


Syd has collected some edible mushrooms recently during dog walks in Villa Argentina, at the base of eucalyptus stumps. Which seems a reasonable place to expect mushrooms to grow. But here are some growing out of — what? I have never seen mushrooms in the dunes before. And OBTW a meter away (top) are the dead snakes.

Two dead snakes, where snakes shouldn’t be, then two clusters of mushrooms where mushrooms shouldn’t be. OK, maybe not massively weird, like elongated skulls and impossible stone construction (I’m foreshadowing: we’ll be exploring in Peru and Bolivia in July). But, a little weird nonetheless.

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