The country kitchen, or lack thereof

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I still haven't made the kitchen cabinets

June 2014: It’s been six months now that the kitchen of our little country place has looked like this. After building a few little pieces of cabinetry, I froze on the kitchen. First, it was bloody hot, and woodworking is not great fun when you’re sweating and sawdust sticks to you. Then the awful rains, and then … well, no real excuses.

The other day I had a breakthrough of sorts. I realized that I’d been trying to start with the largest, most critical component, which would maybe present no problems if I had experience. But I don’t. “Warming up” with the smaller, less critical pieces makes a lot more sense.

Update: it’s been 2-1/2 years now, and it still looks like this. I think maybe It’s not going to happen?

5 thoughts on “The country kitchen, or lack thereof

    1. Point taken. Problem is I don’t want to “just do” a shitty job, resulting in something that will be painful to look at for a long time, and I have conflicted ideas about how to proceed (Americans, Europeans, and Uruguayans all build cabinets differently). Oh yeah and I have very little experience.

    2. Sorry for my ignorance; didn’t research and wasn’t aware of the meme (or Shia TheBeef). In my internet wanderings, I pick up on a lot of things, but some — well, maybe more than some — celebrity stuff doesn’t appear on my radar.

  1. I found LaBeef’s 🙂 video by accident. I was first puzzled, then horrified (for him) and then fasinated. Still play it when a “positive thinking” book doesn’t help.

    1. I think they exist, but not around here. I watched the alumbreros (fence guys) kill what looked like a harmless 4-5′ black snake. Presumably “por las dudas.” Not just harmless, but helpful, given the rodents they eat. But I gave the alumbreros the benefit of the doubt, seeing as they spend all day every day working hard as hell outside. But: doesn’t mean they’re not idiots.

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