No respect

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I have not much effort lately to pick up the trash the fishermen leave behind on the beach. Today, walking barefoot, a clear piece of fishing line caught my eye. For some reason, I bent to pick it up. It wasn’t very long. Only then did I see what my unconscious eye had already spotted.


This is why I have almost no respect for those cerdos humanos who fish on the beach.

5 thoughts on “No respect

  1. Could have been an accidental loss. Fishing tackle is spendy enough in the ‘states. I can only imagine how much it costs there.

    1. Hard to imagine someone would deliberately abandon a perfectly good hook, but also hard to imagine they think nothing of leaving all their plastic garbage on the beach as well — including dozens of meters of tangled fishing line, whatever drink container they might have had, the plastic bag or container bait came in. Not all of them leave trash, but it doesn’t take many. And there are trash containers near the dunes at regular intervals.

    1. I didn’t mention it, but several weeks ago Benji did get a fish hook in his cheek. The vet had to put him under to get it out. I’m told a dog won’t make that mistake again….

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