Why do people do this?


My routine now includes afternoon walks with my goofy dog and Syd and his five dogs in  who-know-who-owns-it 170 hectares/500 acres of scrub in Villa Argentina north.

Yesterday, we heard barking in the middle of it. Where barking shouldn’t be. We changed our return path to pass by again, but heard no more barking.

Today, we heard the barking again, and bushwhacked to find a scared, barking dog, chained to a tree. But with a little plastic bag of dog food. But also with a large bowl, presumably for water, overturned.

With six dogs in tow, we made little progress in connecting. Syd returned to leave it water.

Being Easter week, probably best if it stays there: our favorite vet in the campo is fully booked with pets until Monday.

Previously, Syd discovered the remains of a dog similarly chained, and left to die (it could have chewed through a rope). But there’s evidence of some care here. But still a chain. I’m not racing to judgment.

We’ll do what we can.

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  1. You got the nerve Doug !!
    Normally an outrage will follow a post like this.

    I love UY and living here, but how some “URU’s” treat their dogs is criminal.

    Seen already “left just alone somewhere”,
    “Chained in the bush, like you show”,
    “chained with very tight collar to strangle them”,
    “throwed out of a driving car”,
    “bound the feet and left alone in the bush”,
    “left mother and 3 pups in a carton next to IB”,

    and that list can go on and on, especially before Christmas or Easter.


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