The kitchen lighter

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We bought a used gas barbecue grill without a functioning lighter. So I bought one of these for a few bucks. I was amazed how quickly it ran out of gas. Taking it apart, I see that, even though it has room for a regular lighter’s worth of gas, they’ve made the tank smaller. Because they can. Because you can’t see it. What a rip!

So I’m back to turning on the gas and throwing a match through grill. *POOOMP*

3 thoughts on “The kitchen lighter

  1. Ja ja my friend,
    buying cheap is not always the cheapest !
    I have the same trouble with 4-5 postboxes per year !

    1. Wait – postboxes? I bought a metal one years ago (“menos feo,” which the ferretería guy found amusing; I meant less ugly than the plastic ones). What happens to yours?

      At this point, we receive virtually no mail. Bills are delivered electronically. We have a friend in Germany who doesn’t do e-things and occasionally mails — 90s! — photographs. Very occasionally some little piece of shit I’ve bought online from China, or a credit card from the Untied Snakes.

  2. We still have mail.
    And – as you had it before, the boxes disappear in the sunshine here.
    They just brake at unusual places and fade away to dust !

    Cheapest quality made in a cold country – we keep the UY economy running
    with buying a new one every few month.

    May be I should consider to build a cast iron one, but then I need a massive
    concrete foundation and on and on – ha ha !!

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