Yesterday this was a house


A bit before 10:00 last night, at the corner where Syd and I unleash dogs before wandering 170 hectares of scrub land, thee was a roaring fire, and explosion, and the end of a small, neat wooden house.


The explosion would have been the garafa, or 13-kg “supergas” tank. Interesting that it shows just this small tear.

Anyway, no one was home, and perhaps — some people here speak in a very garbled manner, and the neighbor is one of them — someone untied the Boxer dog in the yard before the explosion, though that’s a little hard to imagine. And he said that two guys on motorcycles had essentially firebombed the house.

The bomberos arrived in a fire truck 50 minutes later.

I think I know how I’ll decline to donate to them when they next come around begging for donations.


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