There is a reported case of Dengue Fever in Pocitos, one of the most upscale and populous regions of Montevideo. And a couple dozen more suspected cases.

So, whats a government to do?

Why, the obvious: freak out and poison every living thing in the vicinity, assuredly killing every bee, butterfly, and ladybug, and probably severely impacting the health of small pets and children as well. Oh, yeah, and I guess it kind of wipes out any songbirds too.




But you can be sure it’s perfectly safe, and that the HAZMAT suits are just a fashion statement. Some politico went on TV to say that rather than shut themselves inside, residents should open all their windows to allow the lovely curative chemical vapors to permeate everything in their living space.

Reminiscent of the USA in the 1950s:

Running behind the DDT truck, 1950s USA

Just another day in Yesterguay.

Pocitos photos courtesy of Lee Nelson. DDT photo shamelessly kited from somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Disgusting

    1. I hope it’s limited! I think in our departamento (state) of Canelones mass use of insecticides is banned because of the number of commercial beekeepers.

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