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  1. Thank you so much for the link. This situation is truly a heartbreak. No one, no animal should have to live like this.

    1. Having spent time working there on several occasions, I would not say Marlena is “caregiver” so much as a “collector.” About 50 of her dogs were taken away (don‘t know details) by Animales Sin Hogar (Animals without Homes) some time in the past year, leaving about 20. Part of the yard is now fenced off, but she can‘t get the dogs in there, so it’s basically pointless. The roof is being fixed, so water won’t get in. The house has been rewired. More of the lean-to/attached shed was rendered unsafe in a windstorm a couple nights ago.

      But in the end, no matter how much the house is improved, she’ll still have dogs inside, shitting on the floors.

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