A new beach tuoy

I spotted this a couple days ago:


And then yesterday:


Great fun for the kids, playing around a multi-ton floating spear!



5 Replies to “A new beach tuoy”

    1. As I approached yesterday, there was a guy standing near it, and that’s exactly what I thought to say, but he left before I got there.

    1. Funny you should mention that. The spinky-face puppy paid it no mind, but from a distance Uma, the neighbor dog, veered toward the dunes, barking, as if saying “follow me” to the other, then raced full speed to the dunes. I wondered if it wasn’t what it appeared, but sure enough she emerged from the dunes 100 meters further along, safe from the threatening object in the water.

  1. Damn. I wish I’d photographed the extremely odd object I saw on our beach yesterday. You’re such an inspiration Doug!

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