The problem with cheese in Uruguay

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Queso Colonia in Uruguay

Much of it is simply “queso Colonia.” You have to point, or specify it by price.




4 thoughts on “The problem with cheese in Uruguay

  1. Right – RIGHT – R I G H T my friend,
    only you forgot to tell us, that also THEY ALL TASTE THE SAME !!!

    1. Actually, the one at the top, which we bought, is the most unique I’ve tasted of them — almost like cheddar.

  2. So what if they all have the same name? They’re better than anything I’ve tasted in America and they’re also made FRESH

    1. 1) Fresh cheeses are nice, but so are aged cheeses, so not sure your point. I do like that they’re local. 2) I’m not comparing anything to the United States. Expats often clamor for American cheddar, which I find waxy and unpleasant. 3) What happens when you find a Colonia cheese you particularly like and want to buy it again, or from a different seller?

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