New addition to the family

If you’ve ever tried to take a picture of a puppy, you’ll understand this photo viscerally.


No image manipulation involved. We seem to have settled on his name as “Benji,” which was the name of the beautiful but personality-challenged dog we rescued (with permission) from our troglodyte property-squatting neighbors.

Suggestion inspired by our Uruguayan-American friend Isabel, who recalled that I once said all dogs in Uruguay were named Benny, because when owners call them they say ¡vení! (come!), which seems to be a Rioplatense Spanish conjugation. (If you can clarify, please do!)



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    1. Gita, no sweat. Bandido had him terrorized at first, but then we put Bandido out front, Gave Benji the run of the house, and when B came back in, he was OK. He still has occasional issues, but that’s the breed. I haven’t seen any particular interaction with Oscar, who remains pretty aloof about this new intruder. To his credit, Benji is very mellow.

    1. Nice! Not quite worthy of a blog post, but the after the first night, despite being let out very early, I could smell that Benji had crapped in the house somewhere (all tile floors, so not as potentially drastic as up north). I looked around the living room, dining room, in my office (our Shi-tzuh’s favorite spot), and found nothing. So where had he gone? Directly in front of the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. Can’t get upset at a dog like that!

  1. Hey, you should have left the lid open,
    then he could have used the toilet.

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