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Our two avocado trees are growing beautifully. Unfortunately, after six+ years they show no interest in producing fruit. A few months ago I chopped the tops off them to see if that would help.


Good news, though: we have generous friends 😉


Just the thing to accompany a Sunday omelet and homemade bread.



5 thoughts on “¡Paltas!

  1. We cut our two down after seven years and no fruit. Now, we just need some generous friends (with paltas, of course).

    1. I’ve got a third, started from seed, but that will be years out. If we go another barren year, I might pursue air layering a start from their tree.

  2. Hi guys,
    you might have made a few mistakes with your avocado trees, I guess.
    One is pruning, one is a “lonely” tree, one is sun and water etc. etc.
    May be I post an article this coming weekend in my blog http://www.myuytips.com,
    about it – if you are interested.
    Anyway – it takes 4 to 6 years before they come up with fruit, if you do all right !!
    In Australia I had lots and lots of them, starting with the right “brand” of trees.
    5 trees brought up more then 400 fruit every year, good even to sell them.

    1. Well, we had two trees, so lonely tree doesn´t seem right. Seven years should have been long enough. We did not prune them. They had lots of sun and water. The only negative, we think, was they got too much wind where they were located.

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