The handouts

beach, Atlántida, Canelones, Uruguay
Foamiest I’ve ever seen the beach.

Walking home in front of the Zoológica (Atlántida’s little zoo), the parking attendant gives me handouts:


Addiction treatment. Save your life or that of someone who needs it.

handouts 1

A chance for the ultimate in hair restoration. USD 160. 100% limp? Something must be lost in translation. Regardless, I’ll pass.

handouts 2

Stonework, plus cleaning, fill, ponds — which reminds me our tajamar in the campo, bone dry two weeks ago, is more than half full after the recent rain. More on the tajamar here, here, here, and here. Anyway, no more for now. Thanks anyway.

handouts 3

Funeral services. More personal • more humane • cheaper. Than what?

handouts 4

Parcels and freight, moving. Daily, door to door. Now this might come in handy if someone in Montevideo wants to buy the freezer we have for sale.




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