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Doesn’t play well to my ear, even (or especially) knowing (which I didn’t) its Urban Dictionary definition: an obnoxiously enthusiastic US Marine. Another definition: Un motard, ou motocycliste, est un conducteur de motocyclette. Les conducteurs de side-car, de trike et les pilotes de compétition peuvent également porter ce nom. The funny thing about that definition is that I got to the end of the second sentence before I realized it was in French. Up until then it’s just a couple of letter-changes away from Spanish.



6 thoughts on “Motard?

    1. While Japanese brands are revered, cheap Chinese shit rules. I’ve seen few Japanese motorbikes; Japanese cars and trucks are more common.

  1. Motard ,literaraly biker in french ;In my native province of Québec ,motard is synonymous with hell’s angel …

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