Bags of shit

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Sheep manure, to be precise: the latest cargo of the pobre Meriva. It’s been very dry — too dry — for a while, so the abono is light and not smelly. I expected to do all the work, but the lovely Uruguayan couple insisted on helping. They have 120 animals. No shortage of shit 😉

My neighbor has offered to turn over the soil for a garden spot with his tractor. I may have a real garden this year, for the first time since the early 1990s.

Before internet. There’s a connection.




2 thoughts on “Bags of shit

  1. Quite a load of shit, Doug. The Germans have a lot of alpaca shit, which we found good last year.

    1. The irony was, after hearing your story, I thought I’d have to leave the car windows open because of the smell. But instead of being wet, after weeks of drought, this stuff was light as a feather – meaning I had to keep the car windows closed or it would have been disastrous!

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