3 thoughts on “Beach feasting

  1. With all those heads missing, I guess it really was a dump of fish from a boat. Totally amazing the amount! Also amazing they have not been able to pinpoint a guilty ship. They do track ships movements don´t they?

  2. Good observation — helps when you’re not trying to deal with the stench ;-). Why would they cut the heads off bait fish (carnadas)?

  3. Loved the witty comments! As always you inspire me to photograph the dead things on ‘our’ beach. But the sheer number of dead fish is upsetting. Even more than watching hundreds of fish flapping and splashing in the local fishermen’s nets. At least they’re being killed for food.

    My theory is that somebody’s freezer went on the blink on a boat and the fish got dumped before they stank everything out.

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