Maximizing inefficiency in Uruguay

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Well, not long ago I praised the “hipermercado” Géant which I had previously skewered for their thoughtless shopping cart arrangement. Turns out I was overly optimistic. Next time we went, I thought I‘d grab a cart from the front of the queue.

Maximizing inefficiency in Uruguay

Wrong: they want the same carts used over and over, every customer having to back one out.

At least their other store, our local Disco supermarket, had a pull-through arrangement. At least until very recently.

Maximizing inefficiency in Uruguay

Now they have actually installed a barrier to prevent convenient retrieval of shopping carts. Customers now have to back their cart out into the crowded area in front of the exterior door, then jockey through the one-at-a-time entry.

Unbelievable. Almost. Because Uruguay.



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