Flasher frog in Parque del Plata

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Frog sculpture for tourists in Parque del Plata, Uruguay

OK, I’m just guessing. Maybe I should say “secret agent frog.” Or maybe it’s not even a frog. When I first saw it, I thought it kind of tacky, then realized it had a constant flow of people having their photo taken with it , with the lovely river Solís Chico in the background. Good idea!

Update 20170202: “One of the most striking features of [Parque del Plata] is the monument to Sapo* Ruperto, character of children’s stories created by the Uruguayan writer Roy Berocay, who tells us from his work that his birthplace is precisely the stream Solís Chico. The person responsible for the sculpture was Nelson Capote and the monument was placed there within the framework of the 75th anniversary of Parque del Plata.” (source)

*Sapo means toad, and yes, he’s a detective.


5 thoughts on “Flasher frog in Parque del Plata

  1. It looks like a frog to me, but officially it is named El Sapo Ruperto. Apparently a toad! It was vandalized last year, much to the dismay of many, and then restored to its original look for more photo opportunities.

    1. I was told that some boys trashed it, then told their parents, who went to the artist and had to convince him to make another that they paid for. That’s from a local. I didn’t know the name. Appears he’d a detective, not a flasher. And as you can see here (note webbed feet), the artist was definitely confused.

  2. His name is Sapo Ruperto (so, a toad, no a frog, sorry) and he’s a detective in a series of books by Roy Berocay. He recently married!

    1. Thanks. I did look him up after posting this. Apparently some kids destroyed the first one, and they felt bad, and the parents paid for a new one, but only after some resistance form the artist, who didn’t want another one destroyed.

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