Géant — bargain shopping in Uruguay!

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In case you hadn‘t guessed from my last post, I‘m being sarcastic. But that horrible restaurant‘s location in Carrasco does provide a key to bargain hunting: it‘s near the airport,* where you can catch a flight to Miami (or ironically cheaper, New York).

Though I don‘t normally talk about ridiculous prices in Uruguay (but yes, occasionally), even after five years I still find myself amazed by things like this (I trust you‘ll recognize the first as Amazon):



This is Géant, the French WalMart in Carrasco. I have pointed out the stupidity of their shopping cart system,  then mistakenly praised them  a few days ago(for something that was probably there all along, though I hadn‘t noticed it).

Yesterday I parked near the front end of the shopping-cart area, thinking I‘d be helpful and do as they say, taking a cart from the parking lot and returning it.

Géant shopping carts: hooked on LIFO

But no — apparently LIFO is still alive and well at Géant: you have to back a cart out from the other side. This is how people think here; people regularly “back out” carts at the local Tienda Inglesa, disrupting everyone in the store‘s worst checkpoint (on average; restocking employees regularly block aisles), rather than walk four meters further and take one from the front.

The good news: these carts with the chain through them will probably be in great condition ten years from now, having never been used!


* As we left the horrible “Chinese” restaurant, we saw the plane overhead carrying our friend to London, giving whom a ride to the airport was the reason for being there in the first place 😉

2 thoughts on “Géant — bargain shopping in Uruguay!

  1. GREAT, I am such a lucky guy then. Still have my Esky’s (Australian named) from Australia.
    That same size was over there A$ 18,– plus 2 smaller ones inside included.

    And to the cart situation.
    Yesterday I was at T.Ingl. in Atlantida. 4 people waiting in line to pick there carts from the rear!
    I was a bad guy, “overtook” the waiting lane and pulled one from the front !!!
    Sadly I had no camera – the faces of our UY friends – PRICELESS !!!

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