Chinese food in Uruguay! (just kidding)

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Chinese dining in Uruguay - well, not really

I think some friends recommended this “Chinese“ restaurant in Carrasco. Well, the friendly purveyor appeared Chinese, and spoke Rioplatense Spanish so fluently that obviously she knew that real Chinese food would hold no appeal for the Uruguayan palate. Unfortunately, that expounded to no taste other than soy sauce, and food that seemed to be leftovers, especially believable considering we were the only diners.

Consider this a “must miss” when in Montevideo. Oh, did I mention ridiculously expensive?

I used to taunt expats in Uruguay: what‘s your favorite Thai restaurant in Montevideo? It was a Schrödinger‘s-cat kind of thing, except that the cat was metaphorically dead. In reality nonexistent. Ditto Chinese.

7 thoughts on “Chinese food in Uruguay! (just kidding)

      1. Savyra, your comment reminds me of the guy who offered me this advice long ago: “If you want to make a small fortune in futures trading, just start with a large fortune.” Uruguay is indeed a land of gaps, but among them is a population whose taste buds have changed much from those of their grandparents. In fact, in the last few years, Uruguay has supplanted Argentina as the country with the highest per-capita red meat consumption in the world. Perhaps explains why it also has the highest cancer rate in South America.

  1. Hi, I tried it too, during lunchtime, I was the only guest !!
    Then I asked that lady, if they have wontons and what kind of filling.
    She never heard about that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????
    Then I saw fried rice on the menu as a side dish for 260 pesos,
    AND WENT OUT !!!!! Stay away from this place !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, my friend, I should have. But also like to leave the “positives” to you !
    Read my next post on Sunday about another gap/experience of UY-business.

  3. We went out to lunch in Solís the other day, and a local (apologizing for eavesdropping) told us that the only good Chinese restaurant in Uruguay is Gran China in Montevideo, Paysandú and San Jose. It’s on the list to try!

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