More curupay and the “pobre Meriva”

Curupay decking in car
One of many loads in the “pobre Meriva,” the poor Chevy Meriva, which functions as the pickup truck I don’t have.

I’ve mentioned curupay wood before, so when friends said they were replacing their deck and I could have some, I immediately made plans to  build a table (better than this one). I didn’t want to be greedy, because what remained they’d use as firewood.

Dinger joint curupay strips
Finger joints: in the north, the strongest point in the board. Here, the weakest, since they didn’t use waterproof glue!

Then they announced plans to leave Uruguay, so I thought “why not?” They’d consider it a favor if I cleared it all out, cleaned up, and re-stacked their firewood to make the place look neater.

Back home, many hours of removing screws, stacking lumber. Many possibilities for projects. And some incredible firewood too.





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