Not real clever (Géant)


Granted, not a big thing, but always amazes me to see this in Géant, a French Wal-Mart sort of thing. This is a view from inside. Except for the two shallow ones abandoned in front, you cannot get a shopping cart after going through the security entrance. You have to go back out and pull one out backwards.

In addition to the inefficiency of that, instead of all shopping carts getting equally wear and tear, the same ones get used over and over. Granted, this is only some of their carts, but really, what as someone (not) thinking?

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  1. You are totally right !!!

    And above that, they have about 60-70 cashiers, but only 6-10 are open !!??
    From those, say 10, are 5 or 6 for “special customers” – special customer lines !!

    That means you have to line up and wait and wait and wait…..

    Excample: I came once with a dozen bottles of beer (all the same), went into the
    “EMPTY” line for “less then 10 items”. The girl counted the bottles = 12 of course =
    and sent me back to the other line !!! Customer service UY !

    Ha ha , I just left the trolly with the bottles in her line, and went out !!! That’s their
    frickn system and they won’t learn anyhow!
    And I am here for quiet retirement and not discussion and fighting !!!

    1. Perhaps the next busy weekend I can get a shot of people blocking the exit at Tienda Inglesa because they just ran into someone and stopped to talk ….

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