Ah , the little things

Despite some sub-optimal experiences, I remain fascinated by things such as this. The cable on the right, which just arrived in the mail from China, elegantly replaces the kluged-together mess that cluttered my desk.

New video cable from China

And, especially in overpriced Uruguay, you’ve got to love this:


Yes, USD 2.45 and free shipping … from China.


2 Replies to “Ah , the little things”

  1. I once bought something like that from China. The shipping was free and I never could figure out how they could do that and still offer the product so cheap. My order arrived and was of perfect quality…so no complaints from me.

  2. Despite what hasn’t arrived, I’m hardly complaining. Merchants have refunded payment with no hassle for stuff that hasn’t shown up after 90 days … though, knowing Uruguay, it could be another 60 days, in which case I will contact the merchant and tell them to charge me for product received.

    The whole China Post free-shipping thing remains mysterious to me too. Unless, erm, maybe we should be studying Mandarin to understand this mystery?

    Or is it Cantonese?

    SHIT we’re screwed. Even if we learn Chinese, it might not be the right Chinese.

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