The premiere national obsession, rendered locally in waning autumn light

Autumn pick-up youth soccer/futbol game, Atlántida, Uruguay

A small park a few blocks from our home springs to life with warm weather: anticipation of the World Cup? In 2010 they worshiped Diego Forlán (amusing to see pudgy little kids with #10 Celeste jerseys). Some time back I checked and Luis Suárez, from Uruguay, playing for Liverpool, had individually scored more goals than the next ten TEAMS in the league.

Uruguay takes on Costa Rica on Saturday, June 14. I’m anticipating as much the next episode of Game of Thrones (so thrilled that little puke is finally dead!).

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  1. During the semifinals in 2010, you probably could have stretched out in the middle of the Ruta Interbalnearia for a half hour with little risk.

  2. How hard it was to keep the secret of that death! Luckily for me Under the dome and Masters of sex are coming back around the time of the World cup… I have hope! Btw I've missed you around, I hope to see bandido around soon to play with my little ones.

  3. “In the winter, their surroundings are equally pretentious, but very uncomfortable, for the houses of Montevideo are as frigid as the white marble in which they are finished. The people believe artificial heat unhealthy, and in this city, which is as large as Washington, and quite as cold, there is not a furnace or a steam-heating plant.” Source:

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