Toning down my toner demands

This side up.
This side up.

I discovered, to my surprise (why?) that our local computer store in Atlántida could get our laser printer cartridges refilled. Prior, I’d been taking them to Tecsys, where they advised that each was good for perhaps four refills, and that the people who did the refills would not refill them if the quality wouldn’t be up to par.

The local computer store also cleaned our printer, which had stopped functioning a few days ago. So the first thing I did on arriving home was hold the “on” button for five seconds to print a test page. It didn’t look good at all: the black test bar was streaky and gray in places. So I took it back, a bit upset.

The owner offered I could return the refilled cartridge and apply the cost to a new cartridge, about USD 90, saying that was the only way to get “new” quality (even though I was sure the previous refills had printed like new). Meanwhile, he showed me that a printed page of text—unlike the printer test page—looked just fine.

At which point I realized I had paid perhaps half (USD 20) for this refill as the others at Tecsys. I’d have to dig out receipts, which I’m too lazy to do, even for you, beloved reader of my drivel. But I know I didn’t pay twenty bucks in Texas.*

So he’d given me a workable solution at a good price, even though in terms of quality I’d essentially gotten what I paid for, which was less quality than I expected. But that was perhaps also more than I needed.

I thanked him for explaining. Ya veremos. We will see.

*Huh—? That’s what you get for not clicking on links 😉

2 Replies to “Toning down my toner demands”

  1. We find your drivel charming, your photos and social commentary on Uruguay enlightening; however, reading anything that can be construed as positive regarding Texas is deeply offensive, both on moral and political grounds. We're left with an oily, bitter taste in our mouths.

    It's not at all like Mark Twain's observation regarding whiskey: “Too much is barely enough.”

    Joan and Euripedes Fletcher, vancouver, wa

  2. It has never been my intention to say anything positive about Texas. Where have I failed?

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