Lunch in Carrasco


Lovely day to have lunch with friends at the refurbished casino in Carrasco, the closest part of Montevideo for us suburbanites. Also a lovely neighborhood, a place I’d find desirable if I had to live in the city. (And wanted to spend a lot more than I do.)

Hotel-casino, Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay

After seeing this building empty for several years, it does my heart good to see it alive again.

Delicious meal, and we got the full 22% tax knocked off when I used my US Visa card, and paid  in USD as priced on the menu, so no need to exchange to pesos. Sweet! The little things ….

Hotel-casino, Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay>

Plus we got to see not one, but two, full-sized plastic horses. With lamps sticking out of their heads.

Tell me it gets any better than that.

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  1. I didn´t realize they had plastic horses too! Wow! We have to go give that a try!
    How were the prices compared to the time we went to the Conrad?

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