The pond comes to life!


The pond has filled to its exit point, also its entrance. I don’t like that design. At some point I’ll get to work making a drain at the far end. But not today: after the temperature plunge of a couple days ago, and the flooding, the temperature has popped back up to 32/90° with oppressive humidity.

Our plan when we made the pond was to introduce plants to clear the water, then fish. That is, if it ever filled with water at all. The floating stuff on the right just appeared one day; turns out our neighbor planted it. Today brought another surprise, one which I don’t think has to do with him (but you never know!).

7 thoughts on “The pond comes to life!

  1. So, you´re saying I should get my glasses checked or use full screen to watch your video.

  2. Or perhaps I should have been more patient in my journalism. As of now, the story has no legs.

  3. AHA! I should have thought of that. In Mexico, we made a fish pond, and Jesse and I went to the lake to get some plants for it. We had six Koi, and a few weeks later Jesse yelled to me, “we have baby fish!” But the Koi were to small to reproduce yet, but still we ended up with an extra four fish, which were white and probably relieved to be out of the pollution of Lake Pátzcuaro!

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