Have tajamar, seek water

Insatllation of septic system, rural Uruguay

After yesterday’s pozo negro, our friendly backhoe (retroexcavadora) operator started in on the tajamar, or pond (background) in the local lingo, which we hope will fill with runoff water, for which here he’s digging a diversion channel from the road. ‘Tis an experiment; I’m not sure rainewater will be enough, but we always have the windmill, and by now a considerable length of hose, since I planted out fruit trees far from the house.

Backhoe carrying motorbike, rural Uruguay

Last night he parked his backhoe at our neighbor’s, because someone lives there. He left on his moto, and I was wondering about the logistics of that.

Lo me encanta, I said as I watched him strap the moto into the bucket as he prepared to leave. I love it.

Uruguayo, he replied, beaming, of course pronouncing it ur-u-GUA-zho.

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