Finally, a real load of really dry firewood…

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stacked firewood

For the first time in several deliveries of firewood, it actually looks the full amount promised.

firewood moisture

And, to my delight, almost all appeared to be under 20% water. The two observations have an important connection.

Strangely (especially for such a humid area), firewood is sold here by weight. So (keeping it simple) if all the wood were 20% water, you pay for 200 kg of water and 800 kg of combustible material. When I did some readings at woodlots a while back after a couple days of rain, some were showing 35% water. “Oh but don’t worry,” they told me, “it’s just because of the rain. It’s been dried, and it will dry out again in a few days.” Meanwhile please pay the same amount for 350 kg of water and only 650 kg of combustible material.

The logic of which either escapes, or doesn’t concern, them the least.