Went into Baipa for the first time since September 12, 2011. I remember the date well because we had guests from Punta del Este with whom we had a meal, visited the incredible vivero (nursery) Pacha Mama, and then introduced them to the this-could-be-Europe bakery Baipa. I told them it would be a year before I’d permit myself there again. 22 months: I’m feeling righteous 😉
So, invited to their place, we were instructed to bring goodies from Baipa. While waiting for my number to be called (welcome to Uruguay, please take a number), I told my wife to decide what she wanted, which turned out to be a bit of a challenge, given the sheer bulk of some of the other customers. Seriously, so big around that one could block the view of an entire display case.
Regulars, no doubt: or addicts. No doubt I”ll see them or some similar the next time I go to Baipa—which will not be before July 14, 2014.


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  1. Hope I had your strength… Whenever I drive by Baypa I try to go really fast, keeping temptation away.

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