You don’t need a Harley to make noise on two wheels

Thursday brings the féria (street market) to Atlántida, Uruguay. While you can get this noise any day, you definitely will hear it on féria day. All day.

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  1. Looks like such a a pleasant town. Too bad about the motorbikes. I hope they aren't a constant feature. Latin America tends to be noisy; less consideration for others, but I think Uruguay must be far, far better than Mexico and Central America in this respect.

  2. I've only been in Panamá in Central America, but lived in Mexico and had to deal with blaring gas trucks in our little village where no one on the street was a customer – at 7AM. Motorbikes starting going crazy here maybe 6 years ago, when the Chinese manufacturers introduced consumer credit. However, given the expense of vehicles previously (still, as well), one did not grow up with the expectation of automatically having a license and vehicle, and many who bought them had little awareness of traffic rules. Even now it is common to come onto accident scenes with a moto on its side under a car.

    The other issue for Uruguayans in general is situational awareness: I hate to generalize, but I think anyone who has live here could equal regale you with oblivious-behavior anecdotes. Blocking the crowded supermarket exit with your cart because a friend happens to be entering at the same time is just the start….

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