Volquete #2 se va

Volquete #2 se va

I was there when the truck arrived to remove our second ‘dumpster.’ I know the driver  because I had one at our house in town, and also because he refilled the oxygen tank when our son was doing glass work here. He told me he was ‘breaking his head’ until he realized I was the guy who lived in town, not another American who lives in Las Vegas (seriously), a few kilometers up the coast, who drives the same car I do.

No, I replied, he’s actually German, and his wife is Dutch. Smallish world.

The empty volquete was pushed aside to allow a delivery of fencing materials. Before filling it, the two workers and I jockeyed it to line up with the gate. When he removed it, the grass underneath was flattened and not too happy, however much happier than being cooked by the harsh sun on the metal bottom of the empty container – notice the yellow patch to the left. Who’d a thunk?

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