Uruguayan parking

Uruguayans are horrible drivers

While in Connecticut in September, I picked my brother up at the airport. Driving back, I was amazed at cars driving inside the lanes on the interstate, and signalling to change lanes. Finding myself in the midst of a fairly empty stretch, I said, “I’ll show you how we drive in Uruguay,” and started to switch lanes, but only enough to perfectly straddle the line between two.

“What the hell are you doing?” said my brother – who, for the record, is legally blind.

“Driving like an Uruguayan,” I replied.

Today, shortly after an expensive car nearly clipped my fender in the process of creating a third lane in the middle of two eastbound lanes (hey, after all, it is Friday of New Year’s Eve weekend and we’ve got to get to Punta del Este!), I saw this car with Punta plates, which apparently left the highway at significant speed to travel so far and do such damage to the entrance of a children’s recreational area.

I don’t know the details, or what other vehicles were involved, but I can say with some certainty what happened was 100% the driver’s fault.

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