Tools, or toys?

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Our friend Patrick informs us that the Chinese make first-rate goods, which they sell in Europe, Japan, and the USA. Then they make second-tier stuff for developing countries where people can’t afford the best. Finally, they produce such wretched crap that Bangladeshi refugees would refuse it. And that’s what they sell in Uruguay.

Lo barato sale caro. What’s cheap stuff ends up being expensive – because you have to buy it over and over again. Here’s a weed trowel that lasted maybe 15 minutes before bending in half, and a stamped metal ‘iron’ rake. Note that it’s barely more than a foot wide. I didn’t think to include my turning fork, where one tine, one day, simply bent at a 45° angle to the other three. In dirt.

So imagine my amazement when I found these gems at Tienda Inglesa!

Solid, stainless steel (though stainless steel can be all over the map on terms of quality), a bit under ten bucks each. Paid with shopping points on our Tienda Inglesa tarjeta de puntos.

I haven’t really put them to the test yet, but I am (drum roll, please)…

…cautiously optimistic.

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