Back and forth

A year ago, I ‘upgraded’ our internet service with a modem/wifi router from AntelData, the only-a-half-decade-behind local ISP. Immediately it proved inferior to the previous modem with our own wifi router, dropping connections and assigning identical IP addresses to different computers. I went back to revert to our previous arrangement. Oh no, can’t do that, you have a one-year contract. So at the end of one year, I again went back to the office. Now it’s oh no, we can’t change the router. You have to call tech support. (You know, the phone that never answers.)

Sounds like a good time to rant about how things should be, and how they do it ‘back where I come from,’ no?

Well, back where I come from:

You may find this amusing (or not). The additional info requested for the 8802 came back stamped “Return to Sender/Forward Time Expired – IRS 2970 Market St, Philadelphia, PA.”  After waiting on hold for 15 minutes, I spoke with a rep who said PO Box 16347 was quite old and hadn’t been valid for at least a year.

“But you just sent me a letter on May 29th with instructions to send the document to that PO Box.”

“Oh, well the Market St address is good.  Send it there.”

Of course, this is for a document we have ALREADY PAID the IRS for. Were they extracting money otherwise, I expect the approach might not be so casual. Just guessing.

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